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Meets every Thursday
On Time 8:00-9:30 A.M.
at the Stadium View
1963 Holgrem Way

Visitors Welcome!

Welcome to BNI Green Bay Founders Chapter.

We offer:

*Professional Member Success Training.
*One on One Training
*A solidly tried and proven structure to conduct business in.
*We start and finish our meetings every week on time.
*Solid history of success.
*Convenient time and location.
*NO competitors.
*Only one of each business classification is allowed.
*A strong Code of ethics.
*FREE visit, so you can see  what we are about.

Our BNI chapter is the first and oldest group in the area.

We are always excited to bring new members to our group. With the positive attitude and desire to grow each of our members businesses, there has been much success.

Plus, our group has a great personality that is fun to be part of and staying on tract for making money at the same time.