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Meets every Thursday
On Time 8:00-9:30 A.M.
at the Stadium View
1963 Holgrem Way

Visitors Welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions aka FAQ's

What makes BNI different from other referral groups?
BNI is different than other referral groups because it has a concrete structure that provides training and it encourages accountability and loyalty among its members.

When are the meetings?
Our meetings are held every Thursday morning from 8:00am-9:30am

Where are the meetings?
Our meetings are held at the Stadium View located on Holgren Way off of Lombardi Avenue

How long are the meetings?
An hour and a half and on time

Can I visit for free to check the group out?
You can visit up to 2 times before deciding to join

What are the opportunities of being a member?
The opportunities are endless. As membership grows, so do your referrals

What is the time commitment?
Your time commitment is the weekly on-time meetings along with periodic training sessions that last an average of 4 hours per session

Will I see my competition at the meetings?
No. When you join the group, you secure the only spot in your category

How do I join?
Towards the end of each meeting, the President of the group will ask all visitors to be dismissed with a Visitor Host to a separate area to discuss the membership form and answer any questions you might have. Fill out the form, submit a check and the Membership Committee will call on your referrals. Ultimately, the Membersip Committee will approve your application.