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Meets every Thursday
On Time 8:00-9:30 A.M.
at the Stadium View
1963 Holgrem Way

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Last Updated: March, 2013

2013 BNI Founders Policies and procedures

BNI Founders shall follow and adhere to all BNI National policies and requirements. Where and when appropriate, the Founders reserve the right to enact additional policies based on business and market adjustments.

• Snow days
It will be considered an excused absence if the Green Bay schools cancel classes or if the school district in which the member belongs cancels for safety purposes. 

• Any long absences must be reviewed and addressed within the membership committee prior to the start of said absence. (Definition of long absence is any time that will extend the number of excused absences under BNI Founders policy and does NOT include DNI Policies on Health, Military, etc)

• Unplanned absences will result in a communication from the leadership team. Per BNI National guidance, we should use the BNI letters as this facilitates a more effective termination process for the organization.

• Late arrival (anytime after meeting start time) and leaving early will result in a 1/2 absence. 

• Minimum member participation recommendations include:
• 2 one-to-one per month
• 2 visitors within a 6 month term

• The position of Treasurer shall have the membership check book available and present at all BNI Founder meetings and functions. 

• Training shall be reimbursed for the pre-registration amount to any member who completes training for 2 consecutive terms in the same position. This does not include when a member serves 2 consecutive terms in different positions. President, Vice President and Secretary are never eligible for reimbursement as they are paid positions. 

• All functions outside of the weekly membership meetings will be presented to the members and voted on prior to making any commitments to any vendors. This will include a review of price, venue and any additional information regarding said function. 

• The membership team is committed to working with any member who is at risk of being dismissed or leaving the BNI Founder membership. Each individual situation will be reviewed and a decision reached in conjunction with BNI Founder policies. 

• The 10 minute speaker for the weekly meeting is responsible for providing food for the membership that day in addition to a $20 door prize. Cost for food expected to be in the $15-$20 range. 

• All announcements to be given to the president prior to start of the meeting.

Chapter Rules and Policies